Flex Comics LEVEL UP Training Bands - [Beginner] 5 Piece Set

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Level Up with Flex Comics!


Ready to ship now from Flex Ranch in Arizona, USA.

These are like a gym in your pocket. Durable and easy to travel with or use for home workouts.


  • 5 Resistance Bands (12''x2'')
    • Approximate Resistance
      • X-Light: 5-10lbs
      • Light: 10-15lbs
      • Medium: 15-20lbs
      • Heavy: 25-30lbs
      • X-Heavy: 30-40lbs
  • A portable Flex Comics LEVEL UP carrying bag.
  • We made our LEVEL UP bands from the highest quality 100% genuine eco-friendly latex - free of TPE - which makes them stretch further while maintaining their elasticity and strength.
  • Comfortable, soft and easy on the skin.
  • USA designed.

Most epic for Glute and hip activation, Physical therapy, Home Fitness, Stretching, Strength Training, Pilates, Recovery, and a great way to increase Mobility.

Training vids coming soon.

**Please note extreme temperature variations can decrease the durability of this product over time. We will gladly replace any bands you may have an issue with during the first 30 days from purchase, however we do not assume any liability for injury using these products. Consult a professional trainer for proper use.**

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