SWOLE WARS: The Gainz Awaken Shaker Cup
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In a galaxy far far away....

A NEW HOPE: Flex Comics enters the turmoil and unrest to garb the defenders of gainz in the galaxies most epic gym swag!  The SWOLE WARS have begun!   

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We couldn't just make our FlexFans any old shaker cup.  We wanted something that would hold up against heavy use. Something that wouldn't leak after a few washing's, something that had additional storage, and something that would shake up the meanest of mixtures!  Also something that just looked Bad Ass (because it's a known fact we all judge each other solely based on the badassery of ones shaker cup...srs.)  So we choose to work with Cyclone and they created one wicked shaker for the SWOLE WARS!


Type: Shaker Cup

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