EveryWorkout Gym Duffle: Workout Punisher

Introducing our EveryWorkout Gym Duffle! This is a Workout Punisher must-have!


  • Small enough to carry with you during your workout. Big enough to have all the essentials on hand with room to spare!
  • Side quick-access zip pocket for your phone, shaker, or water bottle.  
  • Generously adjustable carry strap. 
  • Size: 18''w x 10''h x 10''d 
  • Crafted with hardy denier polyester made 50% recycled material (this was important to us).

We've spent over a year trying to come up with the best bag for our fan base - The Flexers! Overall, the fitness market was and still is trending huge, but we pride ourselves in creating practical fitness swag that our fans get the best quality and value out of. We wanted to create a gym bag that was as much a reflection of your personality as the smile-inducing apparel we create is.  Something you can use every workout and carry with you without being obnoxious with an enormous bag. Don't be fooled by it's size though, we tested dozens of combinations of length, width, and heights until we maximized the best space for the most swag.  These were the items we wanted to fit in the EveryWorkout Gym Duffle: lifting belt, gloves, knee wraps/supports, headphones, smart phone, shaker cup, e-reader/iPad, gym towel. - they all fit with room to spare! We had a lot of options for material. We choose to do a hardy denier polyester because it contains 50% recycled material, while still being tougher than most other fabrics we tested. It's a solid, heavily stitched bag with a generously adjustable strap (for the lil to BIG Flexer). Features a quick-access side pocket for your phone, wallet, and emergency pre-workout.

Keep in mind, each and every bag is hand printed with our epic art by us. Allow for variations, no one bag is the same.

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