If you have requested a mask and filled out the request form fully, then we are working on getting you covered.

If the form was left unanswered in any way your request was denied. We don't have the resources to track down the correct information from those that didn't complete the form in its entirety.

We have paused our Mask Initiative campaign. We are working hard to fulfill the current requests. We are still in the red financially due to our entire tour being cancelled for 2020.  We have used a large portion of our own money to fund this campaign in hopes that it would be replenished by mask purchases and our gofundme. We've done and made what we could with what we have. As bigger brands start to take over we feel like they are more financially capable of fulfilling the mask needs of our incredible Essential Workers and First Responders.

You, our Flexers, have helped us tremendously and we don't feel like we can continue to ask you for financial support for this cause. Our gofundme has been pretty stagnant and it's not something we want to be pushy about. As money gets added to that we will continue our cause.

We will always find a way to help the Flexer community.

Team Flex Comics


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