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About Us

Flex Comics is the only place in the world where fitness and comics collide weekly to form a free fitness centric webcomic. Bulking rapidly, Flex Comics is enjoyed by tens-of-thousands of weekly readers. They aim to bring humor to the fitness community - join in at #flexcomics

We like to think of Flex Comics as a bridge between geek and fitness. Flex Comics started off, like most ideas, as a need to fill what was missing. Jeremy Agapitos, producer and writer, noticed there wasn’t anything specific for those who enjoyed both fitness and comics when he attended his first comic convention a few years ago. Jeremy started bodybuilding at a very young age and this lifestyle became an everyday addition to his already geeky persona. He grew up reading the Sunday Funnies and his favorite was Garfield. Introducing the first weekly fitness centric web comic to the world made sense for Jeremy. Luckily his longtime friend Chris Marzuola, illustrator extraordinaire, had just finished a book project and was looking for the next big venture. Together they collaborated over the concept. Three months later the first Flex Comics strip, ‘Rest Day’, made its debut on August 1, 2013.

Never knowing where a new idea will take you, we were more than thrilled to see the instant positive feedback within the fitness community. A year later, Flex Comics is steadily becoming the industries cornerstone for everything fitness and comics. With over 500,000 combined readers and followers across our social media, we have a solid reputation for humor and fitness.