Weekly Health Update

Those of you that follow our social media know that we finally got our own printing equipment! This changes a lot for us and for you. Orders will be shipped as a whole now (instead of some in-housre and some outsourced). Less waiting, we are able to turn around orders in less than 5 business days now. Down from the 15-20 the outsourced printing shop was doing. Lower prices across the board!  It costs us less to produce now so we're passing the savings directly on to you! That $30 shirt is now $19.99 for a Standard and $24.99 for a Premium. That $30 racerback is now $19.99! We are still about a week behind in catching up all the orders that were behind due to COIVD-19 with our outsourced printing facilities. We are pulling them back and printing them in-house. Thank you for your understanding and patience! 

We donated 140 masks this week thanks to you! That's a new record for us!  We have paused our 3000 mask initiative. Why? A few reasons: The first being we need to catch up on the current requests, which is about 400 more. We've had very little contribution to our Gofundme for this cause. We are not in a financial position to front all the money needed to continue this goal.  Shipping and supplies are continuing to increase. Lastly, big business is eclipsing the efforts of hand-made small business for masks. We feel like they are in a better position to distribute masks to those in need.

We have not qualified (despite our continued efforts) for any grants, loans, or financial relief other than from you guys, our FLEXERS via purchases and contributions to our GoFundMe. Our entire tour year has been canceled. GameOn Expo just announced they have canceled their show. This weekend we would be at Phoenix Fan Fest (postponed). 

How can you help? Spread the good word. Make a purchase. Contribute to the GoFundMe so that we can continue our mask-mission. And lastly consider joining our BroTankClub.com - we are 1/2 way to our goal. If we can get 500 more signups this will offset our tour being canceled enough to get us through the rest of the year. 

THANK YOU for caring, sharing, and loving this brand and community enough to keep it going in such a challenging time.

Superman is powered by the sun. We are powered by you.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,

Jeremy Flex &
Team Flex Comics











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