Quick Update On Our Health Bar

First and foremost the outpouring support from you, our Flexers, has been nothing short of awe-inspiring vigor for us to stand and fight! We never foresaw our biggest BOSS FIGHT would be in the form of a Virus Monster. Over 60% of our revenue comes from the tour of expos, comic cons, and lifting meets each year. The closure of the Arnold Classic, Emerald City Comic Con, and WonderCon has landed a Super Effective Attack.


Our gofundme is almost 2% funded. This is an area we could really use more help getting the word out for. Getting to the first 25% as quick as possible will help Flex Comics stay in immediate business. Unfortunately, so far the disaster relief SBA loans are not available in our county at this time (we will keep an close eye). So we turn to our Flexers for a spot. The easy-to-share link is SaveFC.com and make sure to tag #savefc.


We absolutely understand everyone has been displaced in some way over the last few weeks; most people's primary concerns are preparing for a quarantine right now. Stabilize yourself and your love ones FIRST! Then...

The Flex Comics Family


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