Production update: COVID-19 STRIKES AGAIN!

Many of you have been waiting a long time for your Made-To-Order designs. We are very sorry about this extended delay! For those of you that have not been following our story on FB/Instagram we ran into some issues with our brand new printer about 4 weeks ago.

Prior to financing this $25,000+ printer, we outsourced our made-to-order designs. However, due to COVID-19 and the local laws (shirt printing NOT being an essential business) they fell about 8-10 weeks behind. We knew you guys didn’t want to wait that long for your orders so we took action and purchased our own DTG Printer.

Unfortunately, we had issues with it right out of the box. It worked very gingerly for a few weeks and then died on us (on May 22). OmniPrint normally would send a technician out and the printer would be back up and running in a few hours. Due to COVID-19 (the FINAL Raid Boss we just can’t seem to beat!) they suspended their in-house technician services. That means we had to quickly become experts on machinery we’ve never seen before. We’ve been tediously working via Skype and mail-order parts over the last 5 weeks to get this fixed. Week after week a new issue arises and a new part is needed.  Despite all our efforts the printer is still inoperable.

Originally our only response from OmiPrint was ‘’All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges’’. We posted this on our Instagram story and you guys helped us out by hitting their social media up. The COO reached out to me and we were able to come to an agreement.  They will take this unit back and for a bit more coin they’ll send us 2 of their 330TX units in return! 

This is epic for us because not only will we be able to knock out orders twice as fast with two running printers, but if one were to go down it wouldn’t put us completely out of service.


Here is the estimated timeline:

JUNE 30 - OmniPrint will have the 2 units ready to ship out to us.

JULY 2-3 - Estimated delivery time

JULY 3-7 - Mandatory Skype training from OmniPrint to set up the 2 new units (it keeps our warranty in tack).

JULY 8-10 We expect to be up and running. Rest assured we’ll be on double and even triple shifts until we get caught up.

JULY 17 - Our personal goal to have EVERY order caught up and shipped out.


We know you have a lot of choices out there. It means the world to us that you’ve thrown in your support to keep our small brand alive during these unprecedented times. Our entire 2020 tour has been canceled; over 60% of our revenue comes from these. The support is a lifeline to staying above water this year. Thank you!

For those that are unable or unwilling to continue waiting we understand. Just reach out to us at : We can issue a store credit, swap parts of your order out for any of our Quick-Ship items, or cancel the order and issue a full refund.

Meanwhile we have created a QUICK-SHIP section on the website. We’re working to screen print our current popular designs. Most everything in this section (aside from a few styles) are ready to ship right now with no wait.

Superman is powered by the sun. We are powered by you.

Lift long and Prosperous,

Jeremy Flex & The Flex Comics Crew

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