Dear Flexers,

It is with great frustration that we write you this notice. The short of it - we'll need to increase our prices in order to stay in business.

We did try curving this need by doing a fundraiser for a new printer, however the campaign got less than 10% funded. We understand times are tough for everyone and such things are miniscule in comparison.  The good news  is we did make enough to put a downpayment and Brother worked with us to finance the rest. But that now adds an additional $1,000 a month payment for our already growing expenses. 

Primarily the textile supply chain has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Huge supply chain issues are impacting the graphic printing sectors. Our manufacturer partners do not anticipate any meaningful improvements until at least mid-2022. We have received significant cost increases from multiple manufacturers that we work with, like Next Level, Gildan, and Bella/Canvas. 

Tank-tops are in high demand and low availability now. The industry is sold out - we did stock up as best we could for the holiday season before things went dry. 

These are challenging times with multiple macro-economic issues impacting our industry concurrently. Even the cost of having employees has tripled (from our state minimum wage). 

Also keep in mind we have NOT increased our prices since the inception of the brand despite growing expenses over 8 years. 

Over the next few weeks we will be increasing the price of many styles by $5-$10 to offset these financial obstacles. 

We will keep our economy Brosics line at it's current pricing. These are minimal graphic/color designs that are quick and easier to produce. 

It's been an amazing 8 years serving the geek-fit community. We can't see ourselves doing anything else. We hope you continue to support a REAL minority-owned small USA brand. We're a dying breed. 

Grab your swag now before the price increases set into place!

Lift long and Prosperous,

Team Flex

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