Flex Comics Hits 5,000 Donated Masks!

For 8 years we have worked daily with one goal in mind: to make you smile. This morning we are ear-to-ear with this photo Mrs. Cook's 2nd grade class at Imagine Rosefiled School in Surprise, AZ sent us!

Although there is currently no mask mandates at this school, Mrs. Cook mentioned that she was going to start wearing a mask each day to show the kids who did wear masks that they weren't alone. After hearing this we wanted to make sure every kid in her class had the option to wear one. We donated 90 children-sized masks so each student would get 3 fun ''starters''. We hope this makes it a bit more fun for everyone. We can't thank these little champions enough for taking the time out to say 'Thank You' - it goes a long way and it brightened our day!

To date, we have donated 5,000 masks! Back in March 2020 we had no idea how long this pandemic would last. We felt helpless and wanted to do something more. We had no clue on how to sew a mask, but we learned. Materials were scare so we began cutting up our inventory of shirts to make them. Our resolve has not changed, just the climate of ''mask-wearing''. We still work out of our home doing the best we can each day.

Why sacrifice your time? Why give up your only day off to cuss in front of a sewing machine on your kitchen table (fat hands here)?


Does that last rep count? Why bother? It's just one more rep. What difference will it make? ALL the difference if you've ever pushed yourself to get it in, especially repeated over time. We feel the same way about masks. 

Stay safe out there Flexers!

Lift Long & Prosperous,

Jeremy Flex


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