Flex Comics at the San Diego Comic-Con 50th Anniversary!

We couldn't be more geeked out to be apart of the San Diego Comic-Con's 50th Anniversary! We're going all out with 4 never-before sold in person designs along with the most fullest MEGA Mystery Gym Bags we've ever made!

MEGA Mystery Gym Bag is packed to the brim with Flextacular epicness - just 10 of each size made so make this a stop early. 

You'll want to see our exclusive Suns Out Guns Out Green Tank Edition - you can only get it for now at this years SDCC!

Look for us in the Webcomic's section - Booth 1332

-Jeremy Flex

P.S. If you can't make it, we want you to celebrate with us. Enjoy 20% off site-wide all week!

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