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Cooper: Our Youngest Flexer and Newest Designer!

I grew up with a big dream, scratch paper, and a box of crayons. So when young Cooper Richardson approached us with his story and drawings I couldn't help but smile.  

When not playing baseball or swinging from the monkey bars with his younger brother at his dads fitness facility, 9 year old Cooper Richardson is passionate about the arts! A pencil in coopers hand is analogous to the beaming lightsaber in Luke Skywalker's hands. This tenacious 3rd grader can also be found performing in the local theater, competing in art competitions, reading comics, hanging with his friends as well as dissecting any/ all “behind the scenes footage” of past, as well as today’s popular films.


I'm here to leave this earth better than I found it. Stoking the fire of creativity for Cooper makes us all here at Flex Comics excited to see what incredible things he will do with his life.

Jeremy Flex



  • Awesome work lil man! Keep at it! 💪🏽

  • I love your design.Keep up the great work!

  • Keep up the hard work and follow your dreams. Your design flawless you are truly talented

  • Keep it up young man. Your design is amazing. Make your dreams come true.


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