Flex Comics Teams Up With Plexy Labs

Flex Comics is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Plexy Labs! Plexy Labs makes an all natural acne lotion that our team has been using for several months now with astounding results. Our athletes who have struggled with body acne have noticed a steep decline in outbreaks. Arms, chest, and back have cleared up and new breakouts are almost nonexistent after consistent use over a months time period. We were so excited about the outcome that we sought out the creators of Plexy Labs to form an alliance.

The idea for an all natural acne solution especially made for the fitness-focused first came to Jordan Austin a few years back. Now only 23 years old, Jordan and his family are excited to introduce this to the market with Flex Comics. 

As an athlete, we sweat more and push our bodies more than the average person. Even as adults, this can trigger hormonal imbalances and the result can be frustrating body acne.

This is a very affordable product to use regularly. At just $15 at www.PlexyLabs.com you can snag a bottle of their Nothing to Hide Lotion. Because you're a Flex Fan we've worked out an epic code for you to use for an additional 25% off your order! Just type in FLEXCOMICS at checkout and BOOM!

It's important for us as a small garage-based growing business to expand our reach in a positive way across the fitness genre.  We hope by introducing you to Plexy Labs that you'll have another resource for feeling good about yourself.

-Team Flex

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Jeremy Agapitos
Jeremy Agapitos