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If you’re trying to get in shape, sometimes having something fun to wear to the gym can give you the motivational boost you need to stick your exercise routine. That’s where Flex Comics comes in.

Flex Comics specializes in workout clothes for men, women, and children featuring popular comic book characters. There’s a Groot shirt that says “Growing Bigger Every Day”, a Deadpool shirt that says “Deadpull”, and a Wonder Woman shirt that says “They wonder why I do this, I wonder why they don’t.”

Most styles come as tank tops and t-shirts, but some designs are also available as hooded sweatshirts. However, since the company is fairly small, the selection of sizes is a little limited in certain styles.

Flex Comics was created by Jeremy Agapitos, a producer and writer who noticed there wasn’t anything made for those who enjoyed both fitness and comics when he attended his first comic convention.

An avid body builder, he created a comic strip celebrating his love of fitness and superheros with the help of illustrator Chris Marzuola. Soon after, the pair started selling t-shirts for fans to wear to the gym.

Flex Comics shirts available on the Flex Comics website and at select store locations in Arizona.

What do you think of the Flex Comics shirts? Is there a particular design you’d love to wear to the gym?

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