BAM! Smashed through another stretch goal! No rest days of thanks for us. We are very grateful for the continued support! You’ve UNLOCKED the collectable ‘DO YOU EVEN FLEX’ wristband! After doing some research on packaging we could put each book in a fancy box that you’ll just toss out or we could do things Flex-Style and give you something useful. Our last Packaging & Presentation goal will strive to put each book in a limited edition Flex Comics Drawstring Gym Bag!

Less than 48 hours to go! We can do this! Below is a handy graphic to share with your friends showcasing everything they can get with a $25 pledge and up. We also have a few sponsorship spots left. If you know someone that has a fitness niche company this book is the best opportunity for them to share their products, blogs, and ideas with our FlexFans. Let them know about it.

Remember $15 added to any pledge will get you an extra copy of the book. Just click on ‘Mange my pledge’ and upgrade!

Unlock Packaging & Presentation Level 4 Goal: Every backer above $25 will additionally receive a limited edition Flex Comics Drawstring Gym Bag.

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