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Finish Line Is In Sight: Flex Comics Nears The End Of Their Successful Kickstarter

Flex Comics Kickstarter

KRUNCH! The sound of another goal under foot! The final sticker pack is UNLOCKED! Everyone with a pledge $25 and up will additionally get all 10 collectable stickers along with their signed copy of the book. Our squat bar is loaded with plates of appreciation! Packaging & Presentation Level 2 is completed so let’s take it to the 3rd and final level.

We are down to the grind! Only 2 days left! Join us in our final days to make book history! That’s right History – the market hasn’t seen anything like this project.

This will be in your hands by the Holiday season. Add $15 to any pledge level for an extra signed copy of the book. Best stocking stuffer EVER!

Unlock Packaging & Presentation Level 3 Goal: Every backer above $25 will additionally receive a collectable silicone ‘DO YOU EVEN FLEX’ wristband.

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