Flex Comics goes to Amazing Houston Comic Con

We are packing our weights and hitting the road! So far we've been able to drive to our previous ComicCons, this will be our first time flying to one.  It's been a puzzle trying to figure out how to travel with a booth set-up on a budget.  Where's the HULK when you need him?  We hear he SMASH...and we could use that skill to close our luggage...

Amazing Houston Comic Con here we come!

Booth 515

August 29-31, 2014
George R Brown Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX 77010

FRI 8/29: 3pm-8pm
SAT 8/30: 10am-7pm
SUN 8/31: 10am-6pm

Jeremy Agapitos
Jeremy Agapitos