The weigh-in: Men by Flex Comics

We are tough big bodybuilders! Nothing can break us...except...

Trust me, I'm the manager by Flex Comics

Do You Even....nah it's too easy.

Babies and Bodybuilders by Flex Comics

Ever wonder what it would be like to date a bodybuilder? It's a lot like having a baby...

Swolefie > Everything Else by Flex Comics

There comes a time in every mans life where he is faced with choices that will forever change his future - like whether or not to post the 15th swolefie or to keep trying for a better one.

Tomorrow's Lifts by Flex Comics

Ladies you've always wondered, you always ask, and now you know!

Rest Day's are for the Weights by Flex Comics

Flex Comics Weight Rest Day
Giving back is the right thing to do.  One way to do that is by giving your weights a rest day at least once or twice a week...

Summer Diet: My Precious by Flex Comics

Flex Comics Summer Diet

The struggle is real...MY PRECIOUS... Only by Flex Comics!

The Crazy Supplement Wait by Flex Comics

FLEX Comics The Crazy Supplement Wait
Those crazies you get after ordering supplements online...the struggle is REAL!

LIFT don't STUFF by Flex Comics

There comes a time in every cosplayers life where he must decide: lift or stuff...

Personal Trainers That Don't Even Lift by Flex Comics

Give me unsolicited gym advice...and I WILL LIFT YOU.

Welcome to the X-Fit Wolverine!

Flex Comics Welcome to the X-Fit Wolverine Comic Strip

There's a time in every mutants life where he must enter the danger room....