Black Friday by Flex Comics

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Bulking Season by Flex Comics

It's that magical time of year!  Bulking Season

Brocruising by Flex Comics's real!

Big Hero Flex by Flex Comics

It's so hard to find good spots these days.

Mistress of Lifts By Flex Comics

She'll pass on CrossWitch.

Hocus Pocus by Flex Comics

Even the most powerful still need to get the work in.

Twilight Saga Real Ending: Vampires do Crossfit by Flex Comics

Could it be true? Did she really leave him? Why?

Frankenstein Terrifies Gym Goers by Flex Comics

What could be more frightening than a monster at the gym?

Beware of the 'cardio guy' by Flex Comics

Zombie Cardio

You don't really know why he's doing all that cardio until the zombies come.

The Legendary Last 45 by Flex Comics

Are you strong enough to wield such absolute power?